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Placing an ethical design journey at the core of all we do.

Carbon Noir explores the true meaning behind the term 'slow fashion' as we contribute to a future of cruelty-free, minimal waste, sustainable fashion.

With a 'made to last' ethos and a knack of working with unconventional fabrics, Carbon Noir celebrates the art of hand craftsmanship.  Our bags and accessories pair traditional methods of manufacture with a modern and sleek aesthetic. 


Utilising innovative materials, Carbon Noir's founder, designer and maker Joy Williams, works with fabric derived from post-consumer car tyres.  

 Through an award winning, environmental friendly process, tyres originally destined to spend a lifetime in a landfill are salvaged, broken down and transformed into a supple rubber material.  The fabric is patented by Vulcana, a U.S company helping to save the planet by reducing landfill waste. To compliment her designs Joy uses 100% recycled polyester within her work and experiments with a variety of recycled solutions and products.  Carbon Noir's vision is creative fashion design that promotes earth friendly practices and processes.